Myself as a fairy

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This is 1 in a series of 3 done for an art 101 class.  The assignment was a combination photo/painting assignment. 

Part 1 was to come up with an interesting costume/scene combo and have someone take some photos of you. 

Part 2 shown here was to do paintings from the photos.  The first painting was to be black and white.  The second had to use only 1 primary color plus black and white.  The third had to add an adjacent color from the color wheel.  The professor blew up the photos on a regular copier (on regular copy paper) in black and white and we glued them to 8 x 10 pieces of card board and painted with acrylics directly over them.  Though this gave us proportions I actually found it harder than painting on a blank canvas.  Not to mention the materials were…shall we say lacking?  🙂

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I'm the daughter of a shy artist.  I never really tried much in the fine arts because I was afraid I could live up to her.  Now that I'm older (and hopefully wiser) I have started to try.  I took an art class to kicks and really enjoyed drawing especially.  So now I at least have a hobby and something to express myself and release some stress.