My wife Cora’s Portrait

Graphite on 400 lbs Arches WC paper.


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Joe Rego

About Joe Rego

Born and raised in New England I developed a love for art at a young age. I've always enjoyed drawing as a child and my Father( a carpenter)  always thought I would develop into a fine architect some day. Little did he know how much studying and money that would require. So I attended community collage and soon realized I liked to work more that study.

In 1995 I moved to Arizona to follow my professional goals. I met my beautiful wife there and soon we were raising our family, life was good. All the while sketching and drawing a bit here and there.

In 2009 we packed up and moved back to the Boston area. I was once again re-energized by all the wonderful artist and museums in the area. I made an effort to really develop the artist within. I've been lucky to meet some wonderful and very talented artist in the area who have been nothing but welcoming and gracious with advice and knowledge. I'm an amateur artist, but they can pick up my love and excitement for art as soon as I start to talk to them about it . I plan on moving into other mediums as encouraged by a very sweet 84 year old artist. She said " If you love to draw, then you must'll love it. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

In 2011 my drawing "Eye on you" won 1st place ribbon for Best Amateur Drawing at the Topfield Fair art competition. The Topfield Fair is the oldest continuous running fair in the country. It was an honor and very encouraging.

"Art is all around you...take it in.", Joe Rego