My Palo Verdes

These trees are native to the Sonoran Desert. They are not a large tree, generally not more than 10-15 feet tall, and most of the year look like a large green bush. But oh, in the spring! Beyond my back porch, and on the east side of our house, these trees are a mass of yellow when tiny blossoms cover the entire tree. It's simply breathtaking. This painting was done plein air on the east side of our house.

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Ellen Fountain

About Ellen Fountain

I've been working with waterbased media since getting my masters degree in 1974 from the University of Arizona in Tucson. I love transparent watercolor! But I also like experimenting, which has led me to combine watercolor with a lot of other media, including collage, and most recently, with digital media - I'm still trying to come up with a result I like that combines my digitally created "paintings" with watermedia. Stay tuned for that!

I am a teaching artist - I spent five years in the Artists in Education program in Arizona doing residencies all over the state. I do selective workshops out of state, and I currently teach watercolor classes and workshops at The Drawing Studio in Tucson, and tutor individuals from my home studio. I love the interaction that teaching provides, and I get very positive feedback from my students. I've also put together a series of five one-hour videos on DVD that are aimed at beginning watercolor painters, and that cover all the basics of this medium.

I maintain a robust website at that is not only a showcase for my work, but a resource for watercolor artists, with tips on watercolor painting, links to other good art sites I've found, book suggestions, links art supply and framing firms, and alot of other good stuff.