My Kids at the beach.

My first acrylic painting. This a painting of my kids at the beach this summer from just a memory of the day. It's not very detailed but I was able to capture their mannerisms to tell them apart. I was surprised at how quickly I had to work with acrylic paint due to it drying so fast. I think I'll stick to using oils for most of my future paintings. Oils are much easier to work with and my hat off to all those using acrylics (it's a tough medium to use).

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My name is Matthew Baxter and I paint in oils on canvas. I'm from the North Florida area. I've not been painting long, but I'm definitely addicted to painting. So, let me try this again. Hello, I'm Matt..... and I'm an addict. Ah never mind, I'm terrible at bios that nobody reads anyways. I hope you like my art.