My First Tallship


My First Tallship.

Oil 16 x 20 stretched canvas.

I seem to be inclined to use larger canvas of late. I have found that it helps me to use patience rather than speed. I do like the results better although I still have a tendency to rush once in a while. I started this one about three weeks ago and finished today; changed the sky twice and the closest rock three different times. I had to repaint the water foam in the shaded areas to the correct value and tones a couple of different times to but finally arrived at what I personally wanted the painting to be and to what I liked.. Hope you like it too.


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Russell BakerSacramento, Northern California, United StatesAs a student in northern Minnesota I enjoyed being an artist. My uncle Charles: C. X. Carlson, a noted author, artist and muralist was a great influence me. I sketched and painted everyday until age sixteen or so, then it seemed as though life took over. Now, 40+ years later and retired, I have returned to the more pleasurable pastimes of my youth. This year, 2007, I started drawing, painting and playing music once again. It will be interesting to see where these endeavors guide me and how my skills in turn develop over time. Everything I offer here is an original. Some may be renditions of other works I find interesting, however originals just the same. If you see something you would like to purchase, email me.