My first digital painting.

I am just new in digital art and it's my first successful digital artwork. I depicted this moment of evening by following my memory when I was in an interior village of West Bengal. I felt a sorrowfulness of that time of the evening and have tried to keep that feeling in my painting. 

Title – Evening.

Medium – digital art.


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    Born and brought up in West Bengal ( India ). Educational qualification - Diploma in fine art. Institute - Academy of creative art. ( Calcutta ). Passionate to work with various mediums and platforms such as digital painting, graphic design, photography etc. Love blogging about the ancient oriental history of art and sculpture. Author - "Oldest Grammar book of painting", "An Interesting secret of Indian Raga-Mala Painting". Award - Special recognition award from Light Space Time gallery ( America ) Honorable mention award from IVAC ( New York ) Award of Excellency from Artavita. Gallery artist - LST Gallery. Lifetime member - World Citizen Artists.