Music Live at the Bar

Marker and Acrylic on 140ln hot press paper

12 x 12

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Rebecca Meredith

About Rebecca Meredith

The creative process begins with an itch. A question comes to light and then wont recede. Exploring the topic through research, sketching, and eventually constructing an artwork becomes the only way to move forward.

Extracting the abstract; defining the general principle:

"What is



As I make the piece, I analyze the visual and spatial combinations which will help me to communicate my concept.

I love the physicality of working with my hands to create an object that can face back to the viewer. The philosophical rule enters into conversation with the present context. The viewer relates to the piece in a twofold manner, through the elevated concept and the specific circumstance. Observation of people and their relationships with others and their environment is often the spark to my curiosity. I hope my artwork will create a similar impulse to investigate and analyze perception.