"Mount Thor", 9 feet x 5 feet, oil on linen, by Cory Trepanier

Exploring Baffin Island, in Nunavut Canada, on a month-long painting trek led my my largest painting to date: "Mount Thor". I camped in front of Mount Thor for a few days after hiking in 25kms with all my gear and starting a smaller study. Mount Thor is the highest sheer rock face in the world, so it deserved a largest canvas back in  the studio.

This is part of my multi-year project called Into The Arctic: An Artist journey To The North

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About Cory Trepanier

The fine art of Cory Trepanier has inspired and engaged thousands with the beauty of our lands, waters and skies. His interaction with his subject through extensive exploration transforms his canvases into compelling paintings in oil. His quickly rising profile has been aided by the multi-facetted approach taken to his career and has gained him extensive exposure on television, radio, print and the internet. Cory has also applied his creative talents to the production of his own television documentaries, and through public speaking. Through these ongoing efforts a vast audience is becoming aware of his work and the subjects he paints, making the name Cory Trepanier synonymous with our landscape and the exploration of it.