Oil colors on canvas done with painting (or palette) knives. 2011, 91×91 cm.

The scenery is from the Northern part of Israel.

It is advisable to view this painting under "View Full Size" in order to capture the 3D-like texture. The digital photo is taken outside on a cloudy day. The digital photo does not do justice to this painting since it does not capture well enough the 3D texture. Also the colors are more vivid.

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Abraham Fisher

About Abraham Fisher

Abraham Fisher is both a scientist and a painter. While science and the art of paintings may reflect somehow unrelated disciplines, he personally loves to be creative and original in both. In his paintings the vision of the Israeli landscape and people are combined, yet at the same time may unveil aspects that are more universal. His paintings are an attempt to capture the very strong light and warm colors of Israel. This is achieved by a combination of vivid coloration, blended in figurative, impressionistic, expressionistic, pointillistic and fauvistic aspects with some abstract features, as well. His paintings are mostly influenced by the impressionists, neo-impressionists, expressionists and fauvists, but also by the old masters. During the years he has changed and developed styles that are unique and original and these have evolved from a quiet and relatively thin oil coloration using paint brushes to a more expressionist/neo-impressionistic style using thick oil colors. With his earlier painting style he tried to capture the mystique atmosphere of Jerusalem and its markets on one hand and the warm and arid Israeli scenery, on the other. His current style utilizes thick oil colors applied with palette or painting knifes, yet at the same time the colors applied layer by layer appear transparent. He prefers to paint in a free style enjoying the application and tangible quality of heavy and thick oil paint with bright and expressive colors. Sometimes he blends the colors up to an impasto surface, almost three dimensional sculpturing, yet his vibrant and vivid colors remain fresh and pure. The layers of oil colors meld together to form a texture that produces a kinetic-like image, enhanced by “Tsunami-like” movements and stormy strokes of colors, high energy and passion.