"Morning Light", a watercolor of light beaming into the trees

Here's my latest watercolor, and first upload here on this website. I've tried to incorporate beams of light coming through the trees in a misty morning setting. I intentionally tried to make it interesting with the use of soft and hard edges, light and shadow, and hopefully it keeps your eyes moving around, never really stopping on one particular element. Any suggestions, comments or criticism is welcome. Thanks. 


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I'm originally from Dubuque, Iowa and got my Bachelor of Arts from Loras College in Dubuque. My Art teachers were Fr. Edward Sullivan and Mr. Roy Haught. My passion has always been watercolors, although I've done some oil painting, pencil drawings and pen and ink. I've recently started to get back into painting after taking many years off to raise a family. Now that my kids are pretty much on their own, I have found the time to start painting again. I hope to build up a collection of new paintings and maybe someday have a show of my own... I also recently created my own website where I have posted my latest work. The address is http://www.gdolan.com. Please stop by and take a look. Any helpful suggestions, critiques and comments on my work are welcome.