Misty Vista

This is a painting that I used as a demonstration piece to the students in my oil painting class that I teach at a local recreation center.  The subject offered several teaching concepts, among them that of glazing (the mist in the background, near the horizon), as well as the use of repoussior, a method that the old masters often employed to create increased depth in a painting by placing an object right up front, and in your face, so to speak.  The dead tree in the lower, right, and the rock in the lower, left demonstrate this principle.

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I am a retired lithographer (color separator)..  I have a BS degree in industrial education, and have taught part-time, while working in the litho trade.  One of my finest teaching experiences was that of having taught a course in color theory and application, at AZ State University for 4 years.  I've been painting in oils for about 25 years, and in watercolor for a bit less time.  I belong to an art club, here in Glendale, AZ, as well as several other art forums.  I am presently teaching an adult class in oil painting at a local recreation center.