Midnight Mountain

In Alaska, the close night time stars light a path through the woods.

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Sally Stueve Bradley

About Sally Stueve Bradley

Sally lived her early years on a homestead in Alaska.  The first year she and her mother and brother lived in an oversized army tent--no electricity, water pulled in buckets from a pristine mountain lake just yards from camp.  Dad worked in Anchorage during the week, and visited on weekends when he could hike in or ride in on the dogsled.  A one-room cabin was built the second year, heated with a wood stove and still with no electricity or running water. 

That wonderful adventure eventually ended when the family moved to the Far East.  Three years in Tokyo, Japan and two years in Taipei, Taiwan were spent emersed in the culture of a beautiful country and people.  New sights and experiences were everyday occurrences.  When her family returned to the United States, Dad undertook a small horse farm with ten or so horses and plenty of work and fun for a teenager.  Daily life included farm work, trail rides, rodeos and parades, and overnight camping in the Texas countryside.

Sally married in 1966, and was very busy raising five children, at one point returning to the primitive lifestyle she had experienced in Alaska when she and her three youngest children and husband lived in a cowboy line shack in Fort Bridger, Wyoming for three years.  Returning to Texas after many years in the South, Sally worked as a legal secretary and computer systems admistrator, retiring in 2003.  She finds great joy in her family of six children and 17 grandchildren, plus a great grandson.