"Mexican Sun", watercolor on paper 10"x10"

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About Krysten

I am a 25 year old artist/student living abroad in Poland while my boyfriend attends medical school here.  We are in Krakow, which is a very old city full of character.  There is a castle, a dragon's cave, a defense fortress and part of the old wall still remains.  And many people speak English, which is helpful!  My bf is Polish and speaks the language, but I'm still working on my Polish. Helloooo, Rosetta Stone!

I've wanted to be an artist since I was young, probably influenced by my grandma, who paints and teaches in oil.  Art was my favorite subject in grade school, in high school I took every art class the place offered, and am majoring in art in college.  I work in all kinds of media, drawing with all dry tools, pen and ink, scratchboard, painting in acrylic and watercolor, Chinese ink painting and printmaking. 

I have one semester left to graduate with my Bachelors, but the bf got accepted to this school of medicine and, unwilling to do the long distance thing again (we had lived on different coasts during the first 3 years of our relationship due to school, but he was from my state so was always at least home in the summer and at Christmas) I decided to come with him to Poland to make his medical education our priority, if in return, we made finishing my education our priority when we returned to the States.   While I am here, I am working on all different things from drawings, to watercolors and acrylic.  I brought painting supplies with me to Poland and left most of my dry media at home, so when I am home in the summer and Christmas, I can do some dry work there.