Memory of Acquaintance


Title:                   Memory of Acquaintance

Finished:            August 2009

Medium:             Oils

Size:                    36"X36" [self hand stretched]

Supplies:           Paint: Old Holland, Brushes: Da Vinci Black Sable, Raphael Kevrin Mongoose [short bristle] and Isabey Mongoose, Drier: Liquin, Glazing:Galkyd Lite.

This painting is by memory.  I had a classmate back in 2002 in Heads & Hands class when I was taking my BFA. She became a friend in class then later became an acquaintance afterwards during the years past.  I was stricken by her beauty and always wanted to paint her but never had a chance due to work loads at school.  This is what I can recall from memory.

After building the canvas and letting everything sanded and dried.  I drew in a rough sketch in charcoal of her face then started applying base coats to see where dark to light are on the face.   Shadows are artificial as I grabbed a photo off the web and used the shadows of that picture onto the painting, only difference is instead of following how shadows appear I compensate it with other colors then following the norm.

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