"Marry Me Bill"

Photography. While wandering the streets on vacation in California I happened upon a wedding party playing the song "Marry Me Bill."

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C.L. Brown

About C.L. Brown

C.L. Brown is an artist who creates primarily through painting and photography. Obsessively fascinated by the power of symbolism in all of its unique and varied forms, down to the simplest splash of color or curve, Brown draws inspiration from the premise that all form is also spirit, and all that is spirit is also love. These two themes of spirit and love, each interconnected, have recurred throughout her works from the earliest years and provide a framework from which to begin. Brown’s departure point is always that of the surreal and at times fantastically chimerical context, upon which much of daily strife and striving originates.

Much of what humankind strives for, at its most elemental, is to feel connection. Connection with one another in spirit and in love, both sacred and profane, drives us. Yet, modern society is such that we often fall short of this seemingly chimerical goal. Strife enters when we fail to connect. And humanity is failing to connect at startling and all time record numbers. It seems as though there is more divorce, war, poverty, disease, violence, emptiness, hatred, addiction, distraction, and decay in the world and in our personal lives than ever before in recorded history. Brown believes art is just one medium in which we can begin to heal each other, draw close and ultimately, to rediscover the joy in true intimacy.

In the artist's own words: “Art removes the layers of persona we construct for each other, digging to the roots, the heart, of all humankind. It is in this way that art serves as a medium for true connection. One must create without reservation.” Each work should be viewed as a story and Brown often encourages viewers to look beyond the pitfalls of mundane perception, beyond that which is "ready to hand," as the German philosopher Martin Heidegger would say, to that which is sacred and unspoken, permeating all things.