I just love painting dogs. I took five rolls of film of magnificant Marley before chosing the final photo with my client.  When I unveiled the 24×20 oil on canvas portrait, the client cried with joy and later told me she stayed home from work the next day to look at the painting. That was the best compliment I could hope for!  I would appreciate any advice on how to improve on this painting.  Thank you for looking.

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I am fairly new to the glorious world of art, having just started in 2002 to paint portraits in oil on commission.  I started painting in my 20s, then took a detour into public relations and marketing for about 30 years.  And now I am back to my first love and passion. I have always loved the works of the Old Masters and my first painting was a copy of Eugene Delacroix's self portrait.  I joined the Portrait Society of America when I resumed painting six years ago, and became Ambassador for Oregon, bringing together portrait and figure painters from throughout the state for workshops and trips to galleries and exhibits. I have been blessed to win several local awards as well as one national award. A trip to Paris in 2003 stimulated my passion for painting even further and it is my dream to return there some day soon. My studio is in my home in Oregon City, where I live with my brilliant and loving standard poodle, Annie. Please visit my website at and leave me a note in my guest book!  Cheers!