Marilyn Unraveled

The original painting is oil on 24"x36" canvas.  It is now part of a private collection in Denver, CO.  It is full of symbolism.  Look deep into the painting and you will see the White House, baseball bats and balls and other images that tell a sad tale of Monroe's undoing.

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I have been an artist since I discovered crayons.  My current medium of choice is oil paint on canvas.  The subjects I paint are largely based on my interests in religion, mythology and my love of the sea.  Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida is great for a painter.  Sun, sun, sun.  Natural light is best to produce clear colors.  My paintings travel more than I do.  I have been in exhibits in Florida, Michigan, New York, and Colorado.  The painting "Iris goddess of the rainbow"  has been seen all over the world due to the internet and wound up on a blog in the South Seas.  I am happy when my art is appreciated by others-that's the reason I create.