Mama’s Just A Little Girl

This is a painting that I was inspired to do after listening to the lyrics of Mama's Just A Little Girl. It tells the story of a 13 year old girl who became pregnant and was forced to raise twin boys by herself, it also tells of struggles to provide shelter, food and clothing for them. One brother got involved in selling drugs and was shot and killed. The mother holds the child as he dies as the brother watches and tells the story. He repeats throughout the song. " I don't blame you, because mama was just a little girl".

This paiinting is 30×40. and is oil. The painting is done in a flemish technique.

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About Pam

I live in a suburb of Chicago Illinois. I grew up in Hyde Park in Chicago. A neighborhood that Obama has made famous.[:O] I paint with oils and I am trying to find where I fit in the artistic community. I love traditional art and that is the path that I am trying to master. I work in the medical profession now, but one day I hope to spend my time creating art. I sometimes get sad because I have spend so much time and effort trying to fit in that world, but "no doubt the world is unfolding as it should". But it has left me with so little time to perfect the skills needed to produce art I feel is worth presenting to the world that will reflect what I am trying to say. I like to paint about issues that exist and the transformation of world consciousness.