Lumiere II

Acrylic painting, gallery wrapped canvas

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About Cathy Steele


Cathy is a New Hampshire artist, a member of the Manchester Artists Association, and has exhibited her works in MAA gallery group shows, pop-up gallery and student art shows, as well as in local businesses.

Her artwork consists of mixed media pieces, sketches and paintings.  She chose acrylics for their versatility as a thick and textural medium, or thinned as translucent washes.  The backgrounds of her paintings are just as important to her as the subject of the painting, and acrylics work well in her process of layering and blending colors.  The result is richly colored, textural and contemporary abstract paintings.  She uses a variety of techniques including painting with traditional brushes and palette knives, and layering colors with washes.  Cathy allows the background to influence what is ultimately painted on the canvas, many times choosing the subject of the painting only after the background is complete.  Her influences come from things you would see in everyday life, striving to create abstract paintings that are visually interesting.  She has and continues to study drawing, painting with acrylics, and color mixing through ongoing art classes.   

After a career in office administration that spanned for almost 20 years, and painting for many years to decorate her own home and to give as gifts to others, Cathy decided to pursue a career as an artist.  She started in January 2009 with a line of note cards and prints from her original artwork.  She now concentrates primarily on original paintings and sketches. Cally Marie Designs is a copyrighted series of paintings of original dress designs entitled "It's All About the Dress".

Cathy grew up in New Hampshire, and after a brief time spent living and working in Arizona, has lived in Hooksett for the past 20 years. 
She lives with her husband, and their cat Riley, and enjoys spending time with their three grandsons.

“I watched my mother create beautiful paintings and sketches when I was a child and now painting enables me to explore and develop my artistic abilities.  I find a sense of tranquility when I paint, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get from each piece that I complete.”