Lucy’s Back

White Conte on chocolate brown Murano paper. One of my first successful drawings.

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Alan Stevens

About Alan Stevens

I'm am a semi-professional artist from the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. I specialise in pastel life studies and my style has evolved naturally through trying to get realism while avoiding photographic reproduction. I never enhance or 'tweak' my subjects. I portray them as they are. All I do is look for the beauty that is already there and capture it in a lasting image.

I'm probably not alone in this, but there is a magical moment in the creation of an image where I am so lost in the process that the form lifts off the paper towards me. That is the moment that I wait for. It is fleeting and priceless. I know that I'm nearly there then. If I can carry on and not make a pig's ear of the rest of it (and if I stop fiddling!!) I get a worthwhile piece of art.

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