Love of my Life

My Girlfriend's portrait

First layer : Graphite

Second Layer: Black colored pencil

Highlights: Red and pale toned colored pencils

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Olive Melendez

About Olive Melendez

Started to draw at the age of 11. American and FIlipino heavily Influenced me.

at 15 had my first training at the arts in HS. Got a final grade of B that year.

at 28 Tried my luck to submit a Character at Dark Horse Comics

at 30 Tried to take the Art Correspondence School of Minnesota. Got the Foundation credits but didnt graduate


Dabbled in:    Oil / Pastel / Watercolor

Getting proficient and fluent in Pencil/ Watercolor Pencil / Colored Pencil from lo grade to High Grade

Started from Crayola, Roseart Colored Pencil

onto Faber Castell, Colleen , Derwent and Verithin Prismacolor

Would like to use

Stabilo and Carb Othello and many other grades of colored pencils