Louisiana Snow

This is rare, very rare. It snowed and when it snows in Louisiana everything comes to a stop. It's ironic that the schools close, businesses don't open, and the local government officials tell every one to stay off the roads. But, most everyone goes outside to take part in this unusual weather event.
This painting is of Leigh and our dog, Puppy enjoying one of those winter wonderful moments.
oil on linen 9"x12" 

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Dave Ivey

About Dave Ivey

I started drawing when I was in elementary school and have been fascinated by it ever since. I draw and sketch consistently today. Drawing is the foundation of all my paintings. Having been a editorial artist early in my career helped me hone my drawing skills which I continually strive to improve to this day capturing the enviroment that surrounds me.  Many of my paintings today are birthed from the rural lifestyle that my wife and I enjoy.

I paint every day as a commitment to myself to perfect the God given abilities I have been blessed with.  Painting is what I love and long to be doing when I am not doing it. This is passion that I don’t intend on neglecting, but nurturing for the rest of my life
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