Lotus 2

Watercolor on 140lb Fabriano Paper

20.25" x 20.75


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Angela Shogren

About Angela Shogren

Watercolor amazes me. I find its unpredictable reactions - between pigments, within the water itself and with the surface I’m painting on - endlessly fascinating. I truly enjoy studying on its practice and chemistry, but it seems that things always turn out best when I let go of trying to control the paint. I use a lot of water and enjoy watching the way it carries and moves the pigments with minimal interference from me. It’s exciting when my paintings become a collaboration between myself and the elements of my medium.

Color, line and composition are everything to me. When planning a painting, I first choose colors best suited to the mood and feeling that I want to express. I then find a subject that will work well with those colors and that shows me a lot of interesting lines. I choose subjects that I know well so that I can put my energy into the aspects of my painting that I find more important. Unlike many watercolor artists, I’m not very interested in lighting, shadows or realism. I prefer a flat look and use expressive line to give form and shape to my subjects in a somewhat Oriental style. I also like to experiment with using warm and cool colors and changes in focus to define where my subjects are in regards to space and distance. I challenge myself to make my backgrounds interesting without fighting for attention.

Living in Northern Minnesota along with being a wife, mother and farmer are all hugely influential to my work. These aspects of my life provide inspiration, motivation and dictate when and how I’m able to paint. The lessons I learn from watercolor painting – to enjoy the unexpected and learn to work with mistakes instead of covering or fixing them – are lessons that I’m constantly reminded to use in the rest of my life.