watercolour 20"x24", 2009.

Few years back, one of the local art supply store had a sale on certain brand of watercolour paper. Even it was a brand I haven’t use since I was an art student. As I remember, it was pretty good then and the price was attractive, so I brought a lot of them. When I start painting on it somehow it just not working the way I wanted. The paper just absorbs the paints and I couldn’t move the paint around and the water went right into the paper and become soft. At first, I thought it was the odd ones but it turned out they were all like that.

By chance, I read in an old article in art magazine I have and other artists also have the same problem. As it turned out, it was the amount of the sizing in the paper!  Apparently, different manufacture for watercolour paper has used different amount of sizing. So, instead giving up on this paper, I treat it as rice paper and use a different technique for this painting.



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