Look Grand-maw

8×10 colored pencil on vellum paper with a orange piece of paper behind. . I chose to show it in Black and white. I couldn't get a decent colored image.

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Linda McGuire

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I'm from Illinois raised short distance from the Illinois River/Ferry. The homes in the area distroyed by the 93 Flood. I now live on a farm with the back of the property joining a tributary to the Illinois River. The tributary is called Apple Creek. So I'm a nature person who loves the Lord Jesus. I find all kinds of things to put into my artwork. I cover all kinds of mediums. All though I have no desire to do Watercolor. It isn't that I don't like it I just don't want to learn,or do.

I'm partially color blind which makes my pieces needing my familys help at times. I just this past year finished the two classes at out local community college very helpful...Design 1 and Design 2. I have taken I Drawing 1,Printmaking 1/and 2, Design 1/and 2,Digital Photography 1,and completed a Forensic Art Class from  Carrie and Rick S.Parks. I'm no longer a Certified forensic Artist. I would have to travel ever two years to keep up being Certified so I have chosen to take the classes at our community college.

My love is my Faith,family,and friends. Which gives me many items to put into art form. I must not leave out the fact I have two grandchildren 13 year old grandson,and 10 1/2 years old grandaughter. Both love art.  So much fun doing art with them,and seeing them grow in their view,and designs. My final project for Design 2 was all from my grandaughers art pieces she had designed,and made. My final was to show all pieces start with the same elements,and principles.My avatar in a remaking of my grandaughters page from a coloring book she colored in crayon.