Acrylic on canvas is 24×36

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Lula Becraft

About Lula Becraft


Lula Becraft has been creating beautiful contemporary works of art for over 25 years. She currently resides in Indiana with her husband. After moving to the Midwest from Oregon in her youth, she discovered her creativity and decided to attend art school. After receiving her degree, she focused on developing her art while raising her two sons.
Lula's talents have found her creating a broad range of work including working as an artist assistant for the Circus City Hall of Fame in Indiana and various other commercial art projects as well.
Her love for the beauty of nature became evident early in her career while painting some commissions for clients. She experiments often with different subjects, but landscapes are her passion. Striving to capture the feelings that she experiences from the scenes that she depicts. Her lanscapes are filled with light and life. They almost transport the viewer.
She enjoys all mediums, but primarily uses acrylics due to their versatility and richness of color. May you enjoy the beauty of Lula's awe-inspiring landscapes.