"London Town"

London Town is an 16"x20"oil  painting that was painted for "The Artist and The Traveler, painting from Afar" painting series.See more painting expeditions at www.TheArtistAndTheTraveler.org

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James Swanson

About James Swanson


Award winning Artist James Swanson comes from a small town in southern Wisconsin. Went to school at The Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. And now lives just out side of Chicago.
James has been a very successful artist ever since his graduation making images for clients all over the world. 
"I have always thought it rather funny that my art portfolio has traveled around the world, while I'm working in my studio. This is sort of how I came up with the painting concept that I've been painting towards these last few years. "Painting from Afar, the Artist and Travelers journeys." What I'm trying to do is Paint the world from one spot. I'm in year two of the concept and the paintings have been very well received."
 The Artist and the Traveler series has won three "Best of Show" honors and quite a few honorable mentions art shows.
You can see more of the paintings at www.TheArtistandtheTraveler.org