Lives… and destinies……

I thought about this title because I imagined this is the way different lives go around.. sometimes we are up, others, we are down, sometimes we are getting closer and others apart… Where is your life right now? are you drifting apart? are you getting closer? Have you given up and you are down? or are you heading to the top?????? mmm.. Interesting questions….

Ps. This was done in pastels… Smile

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About Leticia

Hi!  My name's Leticia and I live in Guadalajara in Mexico. Guadalajara is a beautiful city full of opportunities for painting. I live near a beautiful park called "Colomos" . Here is the link to some photos if you want to check it and get some inspiration... -  or you can google it under "".

After a loooong time I am retaking painting... so I hope to be posting and posting to get some feed back!

Happy painting everybody!!! [:)]