Little Red Roof, Cape Dutch Farm House

Oil on Canvas 600 x 750


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Margaret Elizabeth Haslewood

About Margaret Elizabeth Haslewood

I was born in Johannesburg, South AFrica and have been blessed with a colourful happy life. I trained as a nurse and always carried a creative spirit but never found the time to paint or sculpt until the children were grown up and then there was a business to run. After selling the business I realised that I now had the time to really spend time doing the things that I love. I currently live in Cape Town South Africa.

Painting, drawing and sculpting classes at night after work resulted in a passion that grew in intensity. I have so many things that I want to paint and sculpt but time still isn't on my side. I started painting with acrylics and then moved on to oils, terrified by the technical information that I would have to take on board before getting more confident. I was so surprised to find that painting with oils is easier than using acrylics. So, I am having fun with painting and would love to be able to paint every day. I can only manage to paint approximately 6 hours a week. 

Please feel free to crit my work so I can learn from my mistakes. 

Thank you