Little Girls Should Not Be Gold Miners! By Mr. George D Patnoe., Jr!

Again, drawn from a photo in the Wall Street Journal!  Photographer unknown.

The story behind this drawing is while I was in the process of drawing it, meaning more than one day, I met a man on a mountain who again told me of his visit to the country of Indonesia, to an unknown town.  He stated to me that in this town, there were only two main jobs for anyone to be employed at, to earn money.  The first job was picking bananas, and the second job was mining gold.  I wondered what it would be like to live under those conditions, either as a child or an adult.

As he told me the economic tale, I thought about this girl holding the pickax.  I do not know the story behind the photo, but when I look at that photo and my drawing of it, I think about all of the girls and boys around the world who are slaves in one form or another.  They are slaves to adults for purposes of making money, or working for free, or in an arranged marriage, or kidnapped to be a sex slave, or simply to be married as early as 6 – 14 years old, or any other form of child slavery.  How screwed up is the human species to let any form of child slavery continue in any way whatsoever?

This girl, and the girls and boys like her, will never experience a real Christmas.  I pray that one day all girls and boys all around the world will experience a real Christmas like the girls and boys in America. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all the really poor, dirt poor, girls and boys in the world. Slaves or not!



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