Little Bend

8×10, oil on masonite, SOLD

It was the end of winter and temps were in the mid 40s, Good weather for the Rockies, So another artist and I packed up to paint. Once again, about an hour into it a friendly zephyr brought the temp down to the 20s. You have to love this plein air stuff!

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About Don Barnes

For me, there has always been some kind of art. As a youngster and teen it was drawing. In time I turned to music. I've kept that up, but painting has become a more common form of expression for me now. The Rockies and big blue skies of Colorado offer new inspiration all the time. My biggest challenge is making enough time to keep up.

My approach to painting is to begin as though this piece were a gift. Each painting is prepared and refined as if for a close friend. This, I think, brings a rare intimacy to my work.

 A few years ago I began experimenting with pallet knives. I enjoyed the clean strokes and sense of immediacy that they can offer. Over time, I've developed techniques which allow me to present both abstract and representational works.