Lilly's Painting

12"x48" Reverse Painting on Clear Plexi. I painting this live as an improv piece on stage with my music/art project, The Art Brothas.

Fun fact about this painting: Before the show this girl comes up to me and says, "you should paint an orchid." I said, "Maybe I'll do that". We did a raffle for the painting for the audience members, and the same girl who inspired the painting actually won it.

It only made sense to name it after her. hence, "Lilly's Painting."

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Brota Oroian

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Self taught artist living in Madison WI. I perform in a band where I paint live on stage. The project is called the Art Brothas. I've been showing in Madison consistently for over 10 yrs. You can currently find mt works at The Frequency, Inferno Nightclub, The Annex... and coming soon to the Majestic Theater.