Light Through the Green

This is a Cray-pas composition 30×22

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Michael Cartwright Williams

About Michael Cartwright Williams

I am now 26 years old, realizing for the first time what I truly wish to do for the rest of my life and it has given me my inspiration. This of course would be creating artwork that inspires and awes its viewers. I want to invoke one's feeling of joy when my artwork is viewed, this to me is one of the greatest things that can be achieved. To see someone smile, to know you caused them to laugh, and feel like you may have made their day just a little bit better.

It all started at a very young age, my mother would tell you my childhood drawings had purpose and form. I can barely remember my kindergarten teacher and how she noticed I had a gift. As the years progressed so did my abilities, I would join any art class I could find while in school. During my sophomore and junior year of high school in Abilene I was able to study under a great teacher, which lead me to advancing to state in the Texas V.A.S.E. competition and winning 3rd place in another art show. Then my senior year of high school I moved to Amarillo TX and was allowed to take a "Drawing IV" and a "Painting IV" class, I was the only student in the 5AA school to attend these classes. This last year of high school, I once again advanced to state in the V.A.S.E. competition, I won a blue ribbon in one show, and a few honorable mentions my portfolio show(I had trouble weeding out my average work from the exceptional). I was also asked to create new ink drawings to be printed on the Tascosa High School diplomas. In college I lost my focus and thought Graphic Design might be a better path to pursue, it was fun but now I regret it. However now it is 4 years later and I am determined to pursue this passion of creating artwork. I look towards the future and you can count on seeing me there.