Life After Life – One Journey of Cancer

A tribute piece. 18 x 30, pastel on board.

The Meanings in This Painting are as follows:

The Flowers in the Bouquet:  Dark Crimson Roses mean   “Mourning”;  Roses, long stemmed, mean   “I Will Remember You Always”;  Pink Carnations mean   “I’ll Never Forget You”;  Forget-me-Nots mean   “True Love and Memories”;  Sweet Peas mean   “Good-bye, Departure”;  Poppies mean   “Eternal Sleep”;  Rosemary means   “Remembrance”

The Sky is stormy on the left, and moves to clear and calm on the right

The Turban is descriptive of one of the stages for The Cancer Patient

The Abyss at bottom left moves to the peaceful vista on the right

The Rose Leaves and Buds at the lower right mean “You May Hope”

The Clothes are meager, descriptive of our insignificance on this Earth, and our equality in Heaven

The Question; Why?




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I was apprenticed to an old German Master for 4.5 years - who tortured me and ripped up my "masterpieces" until I did them to his liking ... but he made sure that I "got over" myself!  I also had to clean his brushes along with my own; learn, learn and re-learn things I was convinced I knew, and pretty much lick his boots (so to speak!).  Painting is a wonderful passion, and I would do it even if I was not paid for it!  Fortunately I am.  How much better could life get?  Art is good. Life is good. 

Lately I have been doing some private commissions. I am not always allowed to post them publically, so please be patient for the ones I can!

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