LBI Beach Path

This was a painting I did of a Beach Path on Long beach Island, New Jersey.  Beach Paths are some of my favorite subjects and i find the biggest challenge is getting the sand right, especially when footprints aare iinvolved.  This one measures 18"x12" painted iin pastel on Wallis pastel paper.

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About Joni

I have always been an artist in some form or another.  I spent most of my life working in the commercial art field, not turning to fine art till later in life (what was I waiting for???). I must have a touch of gypsy in me since i have a wandering soul.  Over the last 2 decade I have lived in every time zone in the continental US.  I lived in North Carolina, California, Kansas, Georgia andd Arizona, before moving back to the Jersey Shore (there is no place like home!)

___MY ART___
I began my career in fine arts the traditional route, with oil painting and studied under William F. Martin of Glendale, Arizona.  After a couple years I saw some beautiful work in pastels and decided to try them, so I purchased a set of Rembrandts and I was hooked!

For a while I went back and forth between oils and pastels but over the last year and a half I have only worked in Pastel. I love the bright colors, the way the pastel glistens on the paper, the soft creamy feel of the pastel and the immediacy of pastels.

I have since added many different pastels to my collection,, including Ludwigs, Senneliers, Art Spectrum, Great Americans and NuPastels. My favorite papers include Wallis, Colourfix, Uart and matboard.