Lavochkin LA-9

This painting I did in 2010 for our son's 25th Birthday one of his favorite planes and we discussed the painting before i started (he lives in Australia so we got it framed there we worked on that together too) was nice, he was very pleased with the painting so I must of got it right, my family are my best critics and guide.

Acrylic on canvas board, airbrushed back ground, (combination of airbrush and spray gun was used)

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Carla McKnight

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I was born in Holland came over to New Zealand to live at the age of nine with my family , now married to Paul with three grown children .

I am a self taught artist and have always loved art, it is my passion and i think and breath it daily get withdrawal symptoms if i don't paint for a while, art is all around us, nature and other people are my  inspiration, but Equestrian and Aviation is my main subject, now and again another thrown in.