Last sun

I am pretty proud of managing to get the last beams of sunlight hitting the tree tops onto the canvas, given that they only lasted for about 15 minutes. It is not everyday I succeed doing that!

Oil on panel, 12×10''




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I have been painting in oil back and forth since 1997, but I have been drawing and sketching all my life. I have no formal education, but I have followed some evening courses in painting. I feel I have a natural talent and I am currently in the process of trying to develop it as far as I can.

I try to paint from life often and I love to paint outdoors. I mostly find the motives for painting in the vicinity of my home. I try to paint quick and I try not to overwork my paintings. Like many others, I use photos as reference for larger scale work, sometimes along with smaller studies.

When there is no time to paint (I currently work as software developer) I do drawings in charcoal to practice my drawing skills and keep up my mood.

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