Landscape inspired by an early CA painter

Acrylic on masonite with triple Gesso base, fir strip backing, matte finish  24"  x 36"

The process (about three hours time) is noted at

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Mark Landes

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Self-learning in process.  Began with Mario Cooper, Rowland Hilder...watercolors.  Also reviewing medical treatment requests up to 10 hours daily to pay  mortgage.  Practiced chiropractic 20 years.  Studied Chinese language and literature 10 years at Stanford, UCSB, UCB, Univ. of WA and 3 years in Taiwan with 3 years of Army Intelligence mixed in there somewhere (Vietnam-Germany).  The early CA impressionist make me drool.  I also like Richard Schmid, Elizabeth Tolley, Zena Mott, Kim English, Bob Rohm, Roland Hilder, Jay Moore, Alvaro Castagnet, Stephen C Datz, Maurice Braun (1877-1941), Childe Hassan (1859-1935) [his cabbie and street scenes 1880-1895 ],  William Wendt (1865-1945), Hanson Puthuff (1875-1972) and a FEW others...