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Medium: Watercolor on paper
Size: 13 ¾ “ H x 9 ¾ ” W

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Dhruba Mazumder

About Dhruba Mazumder

Dhruba Mazumder is a professional artist who also mentors, teaches and conducts art workshops.

He is a passionate painter who prefers to work on location which helps him to connect his artworks to the moment, environment and atmosphere. What inspires him to capture a moment is the magical play of light and shade on various surfaces in front of him that generate exciting mood and atmosphere. And this is what he is expressing through his artworks. As he loves openness and air, his most favorite subjects are various forms of landscapes and the motifs they offer.

His favorite medium is watercolor, though he works with other mediums as well.

Earlier, Dhruba had a career in the digital world of video game and animation for almost 14 years before turning to traditional mediums which gives him immense pleasure. He has practiced traditional clay sculpting as it adds another dimension to his passion for art.

He focuses on creating more art for better understanding and expressing them by exploring something new and exciting every day.