Kitty Heaven

A painting that has a lot of personal meaning to me , as I painted it the same day I had to put my favorite cat down . This is my interpretation of where I hope her dear spirit went .

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Marie-France Kiraly

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Born and raised in Montreal , I first learned to paint from my father , who was born and raised in Paris , France , and graduated with a degree in interior design from the University of Sorbonne . He taught me the basics , then I let my own creativity guide me . I was a commissioned artist at the age of 16 , and have been doing commission work over the years for many private clients and for some corporations . I am presently branching off into silk painting , under the tutelage of Lib Mitchell  , and have been submitting my work to art exhibits in the St-Petersburg / Clearwater areas . My work is not considered "conventional" , and I believe that an artist should be guided by their muse and inspiration . The artist's passion and creativity will then blossom into something amazing that will bring pleasure to the ones that look upon their work . I paint because I enjoy it , and it is a wonderful outlet for my creative self .