Kindergarten paint and paintbrush art

Ok the challenge is on! One of my artist daily friends challenged me to do something to loosen up. So, I sat down with my grand daughter and we used poster paint , dollar store brushes and computer paper. She was great, she just experimented with everything. She wanted me to paint so of course I did. Then she asked for a piece of paper to print her painting! She loved how her print looked and saw all kinds of things in it.  She is almost four. Ok, so then she wanted to print my painting too and voila the painting posted. What fun and freedom I felt. So free, that I have started a painting of her running into the ocean with the rule of using only a one inch brush. I hope I can keep to that rule because I tend to work a painting too much. So hopefully I will be posting that soon. 

Ok guys, see what unique idea you might have. If you have grandchildren or young children who are not yet afraid to be free they would be a great inspiration.

keep on painting! 🙂

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I graduated with a degree in secondary art education. Taught a few years, had children, loved the creativity of the young, got certified for early childhood and worked in the field for 30 years as well as teaching art in elementary school. Loved all the experiences but am thrilled to get back to my first love, painting. Yeah!  I am inspired by light inter playing with nature and figures. As I am painting I am drawn into the scene and its story. It is my desire to share a moment of time that reflects God' glorious creation. I welcome lots of feedback. Tell me where I need to grow. I am having the time of my life.