24" x 38" oil on canvas mounted on mahogany panel 1993

Portrait of my daughter Keri when she was 10. I kept this one. Do any artists out there have portraits they've done of their kids from years back? For me it's better than a photo because paintings evoke emotions that photos don't. She's pretty special to me as you can see…

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About bsilverman

I was born in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan and have eight other siblings. I started drawing and painting when I was 15. My mother was an artist and musician and my father was a high school English teacher. He was also involved in community drama. I am self taught mostly because I am stubborn.

I love to paint urban scenes because humans are interesting and complex in public spaces. We all like to believe we are isolated, but I have found that our most intimate thoughts are basically transparent, even in public. The contrast between our hard-edged buildings and our soft and fragile bodies is fascinating to me. I try to let each work tell it's own story.