Keeshond Eyes

This 11×14 oil painting is being donated to Southern California Keeshond Rescue (SCKR) for their fundraising auction.  It was painted from a photo I found on the Internet (artist unknown) , combined with photos of my own dog.

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About Karen Miller

I am a self-taught artist who still has a lot to learn!  I painted as a child, then got turned off painting in college when I took an elective oil painting class in 1971.  The first day of class, the professor said he wanted each of us to paint a 20x30 surrealistic painting in acrylics and he left.  I had no idea what surrealism was and had never heard of acrylic paint.  It took me quite a while to figure out how to use acrylics because I was used to oil paints - the acrylic paint dried too fast and the teacher wasn't there to tell me how to retard drying time.  Anyway, i managed to do a 20x30 and a 30x30 surrealistic painting in 3 months and at the show held at the end of the quarter, the professor bought both of my paintings himself.  He gave me a "D" on my report card.  When I questioned him about my grade, he said it was because I had done only 2 paintings.  He hadn't told us he graded by volume. 

I was so disappointed, I didn't paint anything until I moved to Arizona in the late 1990's.  I got very inspired by all the incredible scenery and the creative people here and went out and bought some brushes, paints and a small canvas.  I painted a portrait of one of my dogs, a Pomeranian.  I learned on that one that you have to paint the background first! 

I have learned by copying famous artists and will always be learning/

I primarily paint in a heavily textured impressionistic style, but also like to paint  realistic paintings and portraits.  My favorite subject to paint is dogs, especially dogs with long hair.  Most of my paintings these days are commissions or paintings I donate to dog rescue groups for their fundraising auctions.

I love to paint!