Joshua – portrait of a cat

Landscape oriented painting of a full body



Size: 21cm x 30cm

Surface: painted on stretched archival canvas

mounted onto a stretcher

Medium: Artist’s quality acrylic

Another quick comission of a pet cat

Let me have your feedback

Best regards


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Dominique Wilkins

About Dominique Wilkins

I am a portrait artist from South Africa, specialising in people and wildlife.

I started drawing an painting from a very young age, and always got many accolades during my schooling career on my artistic ability. I then studied fine arts, and after that graphic design.

I love using pastels/acrylic due to the absolute control one has over the colour and detail in a painting. I also use oils, but this is more in my older work. My style is realistic, and I strive to capture as much of the personality and essence of my subject matter as possible. I love colour, and push my colour palettes to their maximim in each painting.

I have 4 amazing children and manage a design studio for a bank in SA. So needless to say my life is really hectic, and I probably havent given my art what it deserves in the past few years. Luckily for me I have a wonderfully supportive husband, who is giving me as much time as possible to devote to my art in the evenings and weekends. Art has always been a part of me, and to be honest during the times have not been painting, it has felt as though a part of me is missing.

I am hoping to take on many more commissions and hopefully in time this can become my full time endevour.