jon n mellisa

this is a drawing I did of my neighbors Jon and Mellisa who are getting married soon, for a wedding gift.  the first attempt was a pastel piece but it didnt turn out the way I had hoped due to the picture that I used.  this is one Jon asked me to do a while back for him to give to Mellisa.  I hope they like this one.  Your comments are appreciated.

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Hi my name is John and in real life I;m an H.V.A.C-R mechanic that has two children that mean the world to him and a beautiful wife that supports and loves me. I get to work on my art maybe two or four hours weekly. I have learned to draw and paint from practice over the years. I could only have dreamt of ever having the chance to attend a good art school growing up but, what I lacked in my circumstances  God made up in the fact that my parents met in art class. I started doodling again about two years ago and I've found true inspiration in my children and family. It took 22 years to complete two pieces and in the last two I've completed nine more. I know to most artist out there that is a drop in the bucket, but for a guy that works 60 - 70 hours weekly most of my work is done on weekends after 10:00 pm when the kids are off to bed. I hope one day to do this professionally. I love seeing the art work here for it truly is beautiful and original. I just hope that my art measures up.                                               


                                                                                                                                                               Thanks John