Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Abla done in pencil H – B5

I really was going for more realistic.  I cant seem to get the realistic drawing.  If you have some tips or ideas please comment. That's truly the reason why I spend the time to upload these images.  

Is it my shadowing?, wrong pencils?

Seriously I'm spending hours on these drawings and not quite getting it.  Tongue Tied

I'm getting closer and better each day but without feedback I'm just trial and error and practice.


David Corrigan

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David Corrigan

My passion in life is ...   well it's my wife, Candace. I also have a great love for computer programming and mobile technology.  I'm currently a grad student at a University here in New York for Computer Science.  This last January I began doodling.  This doodling has expanded into a new love of drawing.  I try to devote a few hours a day to drawing.  

I blame my mother for her love as an artist for taking a few more hours out of the day to draw. [;)]