Pastel painting of my Nephew

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Patti DeWitt

About Patti DeWitt

I began to draw at an early age and throughout my life have pursued some form of visual expression. A few years ago, I began to paint.   As the desire to paint pictures has grown, I have reflected deeply on why I do this:  What attracts me to paint what I paint? Is this a proper use of my time? Do I have something of worth to contribute as an artist?

As I grapple with the above concerns, I know profoundly that making pictures is fundamental to I am, how I communicate and choose to address the other. Within that process I choose to paint images — that offer beauty in unexpected places, invite reflection, show profound truths or invite contemplation. At present l work in both oil and pastel, and which I use is driven somewhat by the image, although that is becoming less true as I grow in experience.

I  paint landscapes and people, tending to portray landscapes in oil and persons in pastel. But as I gain experience and evolve as an artist.  I find myself using the medium of pastel more. I am drawn to the direct intuitive interaction between the artist, medium and paper--the space it provides between drawing and painting—line and form. As I learn from other pastel artists, I am excited and intrigued by the creative possibilities of different surfaces and multimedia combinations. 

In either medium, I am very much a student fascinated by the process of creating the illusion of three dimensions with two, of using opaque pigment to indicate light, shape and form.