Jackson Square New Orleans

Please critique this painting.  Acrylic, 16 x 20 on stretched canvas

I like a lot of color. In 2008 I had a a stroke and for a few days I only had negative vision, everything looked like a photo negative. I could only see black and white. Frightening!  Now I have good color vision and I like to paint bright colors. I love to paint things that makes a person smile.

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Cliston Patterson

About Cliston Patterson

I have enjoyed sketching since I was in elementary school.  Art has always been important to me.  I got started with acrylics several years ago but I had to give it up because it consumed me, I could not quit something I had started until I had finished it to my satisfaction. I could not give my job the attention that was needed.  I retired 19 years ago from a local school district where I was the chief financial officer (26years) and I also taught accounting at a local community college at night for 17 years. I had started another career in real estate when 8 years ago I had a heart attack and triple by pass surgery.  Three days after surgery I had a stroke that affected my vision.  I lost the ability to see colors.  Everything was black and white.  I thank God everyday for giving me back my color vision and health.  That is when I made the decision to completely retire and pursue art.    I work primarily in colored pencil, pastels, acrylics and watercolor.   I do art for my satisfaction.  I have sold several painting but mostly I give paintings to my family and friends.  This has been a fun adventure and an extrodinary learning process that never ends. I believe I could just stay in my studio and as long as I had the essentials to live on and work with.