In The Light of Africa

I used acrylic paints here, by Art Advantage.

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About Marta

Hi Guys,

For now I'll be short with my bio, but just so you get a little feel for who I am....<3

I was born in Poland. At age 13 I came here to the states, and stayed here ever since. My love for art began with photography about 6 years ago. I had lots of fun discovering a total new way of looking at the world around me. I noticed colors, shapes, textures, like never before. I entered in many photo contests on line, and happy to say I won a few of them. It was a great feeling, a validation that I just might be good at what I love and that's creating. From there I learned photoshop and did photo manipulations. Then one day I did a digital painting based on one of my photos. It came out pretty good, and I thought who needs paint when you can paint in photoshop. Still I wasn't really satisfied. And then I realized that traditional painting is the most challenging of all the arts for me, and that I would love to excel in it. Since then I've watched many tutorials on line, that are perfect for a novice like me. Soon I plan to take some painting classes. My dream is to paint paintings that people would love to own. I don't have any favorite style yet, I really like them all for different reasons. I have only worked with acrylics, and I probably will stick with acrylics as oil paints smell too strong for me, and I can't afford them anyways. I've never tried watercolors, and I definitely plan on trying them. I'm glad I came across Artist Daily, looks like a fun, inspirational, educational place to be. A great site to meet  artists from all walks of life. Happy Painting to all my fellow Artists..........................................................<3

On my list of things I want to paint:

Sunflowers, poppies, koi, sea turtle, sea horse, jellyfish, aspen forest.