In the Garden

Oil on board. Size 18"24".

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David Xiaoping Xu

About David Xiaoping Xu

Born in China, David Xu started learning drawing and painting when he was ten years old. David graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts (formerly Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1986. Over the past few decades David has taught painting and drawing lessons to architectural students in a university, worked as an art editor and graphic designer for a university press. David currently works as a senior illustrator and graphic designer for a major Toronto based architectural design company. Throughout these experiences, however, his desire and passion for realism in art have never faded. Despite his expertise in a variety of media, David believes that the basic principles are common to all. Because of this approach, he is able to easily adapt his creativity and talent to new avenues, painting as masterfully with a mouse and keyboard as he does with a paintbrush or pen and ink